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Scott Blossom, DOM

Parenting with Ayurvedic Wisdom in the Modern Age

Scott Blossom, DOM

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  • Relationships, kids and day-to-day household habits
  • Transitions between work and home life for better relationships
  • The one key to better relationships in your family life

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  1. Scott Blossom says:

    Thanks Everyone!

    I love the comments and ideas here. If anything Ayurveda helps us to reframe and refine the way we engage the elements of our daily lives. It is an alchemical process. Blessings!

  2. S says:

    Great discussion about time, space, and transition, role modeling, giving the kids freedom to choose, and emphasizing that the kids do what they have seen their parents do, more than what they are told to do. I was surprised one time, when my 8 years old told me he wants to do a “chakra balancing” game, as he has seen me listening to chakra balancing music.
    Thanks again.

  3. Amy Landry says:

    Thank you Dr. Blossom for all your gems of practical and realistic wisdom – The talk was entertaining, inspiring, and insightful!

  4. monica says:

    Fantastic conversation. some of the recording is spotty/ unclear. any chance for a transcript? Also, what is the title & author of book Cate mentioned about halfway through? Thank you!!

  5. Marta says:

    Dr. Blossom is very inspiring indeed. And also, I most enjoyed Anu’s comment:Create more space in life to develop more love for your family and then ready to serve your community, nation, and the whole universe. “Love All Serve All Hurt Never Help Ever Do Your Duty That Is Bhakti”! This is really the best practice for a whole life. May all of you blessed for amazing lectures and

  6. ruth says:

    very interesting and helpul for our relationships/home, Thanks very much

  7. Anu says:

    The moment of silence through which one can create the space. My lifestyle at home is very peaceful even though I have different energies to manage. meditation and Naam Japa are two handful tools through which I do my dharma. one most imp point is to live in present and honor that moment. Me and my husband when manage to spend time together we acknowledge the present by not discussing our past or future. Our talk is short and extremely meaningful like appreciating each other, by looking in eyes or smile, rubbing the shoulders. Just sitting next to him is so divine and peaceful. Nowadays this is what is missing in life. In Sat yoga people use to send messages through mind and it was conveyed very well why because the space element has an ability to listen even if the person is far. Create more space in life to develop more love for your family and then ready to serve your community, nation, and the whole universe. “Love All Serve All Hurt Never Help Ever Do Your Duty That Is Bhakti”!

  8. Arlyn says:

    This was a great talk! I definitely need more solo time than my husband, and we’ve come to a good place w this after many years of struggling; I was very validating for me to hear dr blossom name solitude as an important need. Also loved guide a of fully digesting thought sand feelings before “barfing” them out lol. Question about balancing the vata energy during the frenetic am time…any practical tips? I’m always feeling like I’m never centered myself before the rush begins…we (me, hubby + 5 kids ages 4-15) need to be out the door u 8am, and I’m already getting up at 5:30am. Any thing?

    • Scott Blossom says:

      Thanks for a great question that I think a lot of other people are wondering about too! In my experience is that you have to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier so that you can do the practices that get you most aligned and integrated and give you plenty of time take care of your kids. We have been making lunches the night before and putting them in the fridge to free up a little more time in the morning so we can have a more fun and relaxed rhtyhm. Hope that helps!

  9. Kaya Mindlin says:

    Thanks for this talk Scot + Cate! Love the point about sandhi {transitions} in life + how vulnerable, yet powerful they are! Also totally with you guys on not shoving ayurveda down your kids throats and just being a model. Here’s to taking more time, space and boundaries… within reason! These days prayer happens with two year old on my lap.

  10. Cate Stillman says:

    So glad this conversation is hitting home 😉

  11. Perry says:

    Thank you Cate and Dr. Blossom for sharing this conversation. The segment about couples and families needing individual space was so important for me to hear. My spouse and I are both home full time and for years I have seen how our relationship has deteriorated. Hopefully this information can help me start a loving conversation.

    • Cate Stillman says:

      Thanks for sharing. Even starting with little breaks- like a 20 minute walk alone, or meditating for 10 minutes before dinner can help shift the energies.

      I, too, am inspired by Scott’s practice.


  12. Marisa says:

    Wow thank you so much Scott for sharing such amazing gems of wisdom. I have a four year old daughter and the whole morning routine has become such a challenge so I will definitely be applying your suggestions. I love the tips that you have suggested on taking time for personal space and solving things through my own practice before seeking help from my husband. I look forward to the ease, enjoyment and respect. Thank you!

  13. Anuradha says:

    Do your duty that is Bhakti. This is what I was looking for creating the space of love within and spreading love through once actions (righteousness). space is our true identity through which everything evolves. God Bless!

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