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Rama Prasad, BAMS, CACH

Unraveling the 5-element Theory of Ayurveda

Rama Prasad, BAMS, CACH

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  • Learn why it’s not about your dosha
  • Discover your authentic element
  • What does it mean to live in alignment

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  1. Ayurveda Doctor says:

    Great Post!!
    Thanks for sharing such an informative post here with us.

  2. Cate Stillman says:

    Dr. Prasad,
    I’m so glad your interview was a huge success. It’s great to read all of the feedback. After the dust from our summit has settled, I’d love to invite you on the Yogahealer Podcast.

    co-host of the Ayurveda Summit

    • Rama Prasad says:

      Love to do that… Off to India on the 7th December 2015 for and family gatherings. Back in Sydney on the 14th Jan 2016.
      Thanks for having me.

  3. Bob says:

    Wow! Thank you so much Dr. Prasad for your presentation. I really opened up to your 5-element perspective and also the 3 body zones. Seems so intuitive for me and I’ve been studying western anatomy and physiology for several decades. Shanti.

  4. Caroline segalla says:

    I love his direct honest approach including one that is not quick to prescribe certain herbs without truly investigating the source of dis-ease in patients. Need more doctors like him here in the U.S.

  5. marilyn says:

    i too am thinking a transcript would be valuable this talk is too valuable to be lost

  6. Ruby says:

    Yet again really loved this discussion. I also love that you have different speakers from all over the world – it is very important, it’s great that this isn’t US centric. Unfortunately this is a conversation that I would have loved there to be a transcript to read along with – I’ve understood about a 60% of it with repeated listenings of bits I can’t quite ‘get’. When you have provided transcripts for other speakers because of their accent, rather than technical difficulties, then I have been able to understand them without the transcript! Someone’s ability to understand accents obviously depend on a person’s own way of speaking, so if you are not in the US it may be different voices that are understandable. The info on body zones seemed quite interesting and have just ordered a book of his. But my call is more about being international in outlook, and that different people can understand different things. It’s great that you have provided some transcripts for some of the talks. I’ll congratulate you here as the ‘summit’ is almost finished. I listen to a lot of ‘health talks’ and you have hit a cord. I thank you for bringing in such ideas to my increasing health, I have already begun to gently incorporate some things and will listen out again for next years as I’m sure there will be one. Thanks all, thanks Cate and Eric.

  7. Kathrin Seidl says:

    Great explanation on the individual elements. From my experience working as an ayurvedic therapist, I mostly meet mixed types. I would have loved to get your point on that. Otherwise very informative talk. thank you!

    • Rama Prasad says:

      Dear Seidl
      Thanks for your comment. Really appreciate it.
      We are mixed. We all have all elements. Some dominant. Some secondary, thats all. Right?
      Rama | DrRamaPrasad.Com

  8. Amy Landry says:

    Such a great talk Rama. So wonderful to see you on the summit line up, and I enjoyed your talk immensely – certainly one of the best. Thanks for your insights, your wisdom, and your entertaining way of sharing!

  9. Ayulight says:

    Thank You very much, I just loved this lively & interesting interview.Unfortunatly as English is not my native language I could not follow and understand all details….a transcript would be great!

  10. BRONWEN says:


  11. Jayadhara says:

    What a fantastic and informative talk. You made it so easy to understand and used such wonderful allegories – I loved the car analogy! It was really inspiring to listen.

    • Rama Prasad says:

      Dear Jayadhara,
      That analogy came out of pure frustration. There are people who thing other body types are all fantastic, but their own!
      We are brought up in such a “we are all sinners” environment! Ha!
      Thanks for your kind words,
      Rama​ – DrRamaPrasad.Com | +61425233426

  12. Melissa says:

    Fantastic presentation Rama – was great to get a refresh. I undertook your Ayurvedic course in 2007 and it ignited my passion. So lovely to see you in this forum.

    • Rama Prasad says:

      Hey Melissa,
      Thanks! Long time!
      When are you in Sydney, for a coffee? I am in Bondi junction!
      Rama​ – DrRamaPrasad.Com | +61425233426

  13. Toni says:

    The most enjoyable fun to listen to presentation. Thank you!

  14. Gita says:

    Thanks Rama – as always, love your take on Ayurveda. So glad you’re ours, in Australia.

  15. Kathy Wrona says:

    Thank you so much for all you shared. You opened by understanding in so many ways that I can say with confidence what you shared here is truly life changing for me. What a beautiful humanitarian you are, what a gift you are. Thank you.

  16. Lisa says:

    loved, loved, loved this one! HaHa he’s funny. Loved all the info about the types at work, office, home. Good job! ?

  17. Ms. Cheryl says:

    Wonderful the way Dr. Rama defined the body types and 5 elements. His approach is so simple (analogies are great too!). I understand panchakarma has to be fine-tuned to the individual not necessarily the body type. Thank You!

  18. Julie says:

    Amazing presentation, thank you so much Dr. Prasad. Not only did you offer an interesting new perspective of Ayurveda, but you are entertaining as well. You sound like a true “Aussie” 🙂
    I liked the everyday life examples you use. I can relate to the confusion re the doshas questionnaire. I have had many people comment on the difficulty in completing them, and often say, “I thought I was a pitta, but now after doing the survey, I guess I am kappa,” or “I don’t know how to complete it because all of them apply to me.” I find there are so many interpretations of the quality and characteristics of each dosha in these surveys, it is confusing. I would really appreciated knowing what you would suggest for someone wanting to understand Ayurved principles better and based on your perspective – 5 elements. Where can I read, learn more?

  19. Roberta says:

    The clearest Ayurveda talk I’ve ever heard. Thank you so much!!

    • Rama Prasad says:

      Thank Roberta,
      I am still working on that key topic “clarity”.
      Thanks again
      Rama​ – DrRamaPrasad.Com | +61425233426

  20. Gera says:

    Excellent, enlightening and information and presentation. Thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you.

  21. Kaya says:

    Loved this one! He reminded me of my Indian Ayurveda teachers in so many ways and I deeply appreciate this perspective. I see many people obsessing over their dosha and using it as a means for neuroses rather than a simple form of categorization. Thank you. And thank you to Dr Grasser for simply letting him speak!

  22. riddhi says:

    Dr. Prasad was so informative and true, he was funny too 🙂

    • Rama Prasad says:

      Dear Riddhi
      I tried the seriousness. Didn’t work. At all.
      So decided to stick with a bit of light-heartedness.
      Looks like its working! Thanks!
      Rama​ – DrRamaPrasad.Com | +61425233426

  23. marilyn says:

    This was wonderful!! and loved how you put everything in multi-layered context. Thank you. If transcripts are available, would also be interested.

  24. Diger says:

    As all talks, this was very valuable!! Thank you very much.

  25. RC says:

    Thank you so much for all the great info in such a memorable way. I enjoyed your sense of humor throughout. Learned a lot.

  26. Anuradha says:

    Wonderful explanation on five elements and doshas. It’s make so much sense to understand our elements then doshas. It’s true to acknowledge what causes imbalance in our life through our state of mind, work activities, food etc and how it impact our body. As body is five elemental make up which has a tendency to change through our lifestyle. Thank you so much to bring the clarity between body type and the body. Love the conversation.

    • Rama Prasad says:

      Dear Anuradha,
      Yes. Its very hard understand the difference between body any body type in the beginning. Once we get it, the rest makes pure sense. I still don’t understand why we have all these personalities, preferences, tendencies, diseases and bodily changes forced into the dosha-body-typing!
      Thanks lot for your kind words.
      Rama – DrRamaPrasad.Com | +61425233426

  27. Pushpa says:

    Thanks Dr.Prasad for an enlightening session. Your explanation of the elements and how to interpret them was very informative and made a lot of sense. I also liked how you mentioned not to link symptoms to the body type as we have been learning year. Although I am from India I have been studying here. I also understand trying to teach in the style of Western education does not do justice to how authentic Ayurveda was taught from Guru to Sishya. But I am grateful for having that opportunity here and hope to have a consultation with you sometime. I will check out your website.
    Thanks to Dr. Grasser for making this seminar available and bringing such great speakers to share their wisdom.
    Warm regards

    • Rama Prasad says:

      Dear Pushpa.
      Thanks for your sweet words.
      Its funny how personalities, preferences, tendencies, diseases and bodily changes forced into the dosha-body-typing!
      Rama – DrRamaPrasad.Com | +61425233426

  28. Monica says:

    Thank you! That was incredibly helpful, insightful and functional conversation. Changed my understanding of my body type and brought tears to my eyes for various epiphanies. Well done!

  29. ruth says:

    Thanks for this excellent presentation, I really love It !

  30. Susan S says:

    Thank You for clarifying Body type so well. I needed to hear Kapha is NOT fat! I am not fat but have many Kapha tendencies/traits but I tend to dismiss this because everyone pigeon holes kaphas as Fat! It been a mental block for a while now.

    • Rama Prasad says:

      Dear Susan
      Ha! I know that feeling!
      Once upon a time, we were all confused-air-headed Vatas, short-fused-inflamed Pittas or Couch-potato, fat Kaphas, until we discover imaginative ethers, multi-tasking airs, transforming fires, caring waters and all-organised earths!
      Rama – DrRamaPrasad.Com | +61425233426

  31. Jodiann says:

    I very much enjoyed this explanations of the Doshas and 5 Elements. EXCELLENT!!! Thank you Dr Prasad for explaining it so well.

    • Rama Prasad says:

      Dear Jodiann
      Thanks a lot for you sweet words. has a slide show of the same content.
      We can take this five elements based body type analysis further deeper into interpersonal relationships in harmony and conflicts as well. Application is virtually limitless.
      Rama – DrRamaPrasad.Com | +61425233426

  32. Daniela says:

    Is it possible to get a transcript ? Thank you.

  33. Ann says:

    Thank you so much really enjoyed listening to Dr.Prasad, very informative & a joy to listen to, thank you Eric 🙂

  34. Diana says:

    oh thank you, this was so inspiring to hear. loved thr reminder that we need to find the cause of the symptoms, an dthe role of the mind. And also focusing on the 5 elements, rather the doshas. makes so much sense to me. blessings

    • Rama Prasad says:

      Dear Diana
      You are right. Its easy to blame the doshas! Five pillars, mind and causes are all vital in the clinic at various parts of the consult and advise.
      Thanks a lot!
      Rama – DrRamaPrasad.Com | +61425233426

  35. Lauren Burkitt says:

    Wonderful talk! I really enjoyed that. Thank you so much for sharing this view on the 5 elements. It makes me feel more connected and comfortable in my ‘Kapha’ labelled dosha.

  36. Neelam says:

    Excellent and informative talk Dr. Prasad. I am in the midst of completing case studies to complete a degree in Ayurvedic counseling. Since I started the program, I noticed that the dosha questionnaires have limited application because a lot of the questions focused on tendencies and preferences that do not seem to be indicative of a person’s true “body type”. Your discussion on this issue clarified a lot of my confusion surrounding the utility of these questionnaires to understand someone’s prakriti. In that respect and in addition to looking at the face and hands, what are your thoughts on the use of the prakriti pulse diagnosis to ascertain someone’s prakriti?

    • Rama Prasad says:

      Dear Neelam
      Great to know that I could contribute!
      I don’t know much about pulse. Dr. Lad talks about the use of pulse in Prakruti analysis. Once you start using hand and face shapes, you will spend zero time analysing body type! FYI, I have with body type info with bit more details.
      Great that you were at the summit.
      DrRamaPrasad.Com | +61425233426

  37. TimBeau says:

    Rama-ji, my dear friend….what a delight to hear you from afar….and over the years of separation how our thoughts still run and flow in the same river….. all blessings from Czech Republic where I am running a Vedic Meditation Retreat….
    Unbounded Love to you

  38. Marisha says:

    Fantastic. Clear, concise and easy to understand. Inspired me to study the elements in a new and exciting way that offers health, harmony, and peace of mind.

  39. Michele says:

    Loved this guy. Great info, very engaging.

  40. Thouria says:

    Thank you Dr prasad. I appreciated the clarity of your comments and the way you approach/explain the principles in Ayurveda- a truly enlightening talk.I wish everybody interested in the topic could listen to it!

    • Rama Prasad says:

      Dear Thouria
      Thanks a lot for you kind words.
      Classroom teaches us a lot! Right?
      Thanks again..
      Rama – DrRamaPrasad.Com | +61425233426

  41. Meredith says:

    Dr. Prasad, I loved your 5-element explanation of Ayurveda!

  42. Lynne says:

    Vey good – interesting, clear and entertaining. I learned a lot. Thank you Dr Prasad and Eric!

  43. Pru Davis says:

    i found this an incredibly informative talk – as are all things Ayurvedic! It just confirms for me that this is THE WAY! I would soooooooooo love to have a consultation and treatment by yourself! I am setting an intention to go to India and learn and experience as much as I can w.r.t Ayurveda and spiritual practices, so I can help with my own healing and that of others. Thank you all for this amazing gift of the AYURVEDIC summit! NAMASTE! from Darling, South Africa

  44. Rupinder says:

    Thanks Dr Prasad ..that was the most entertaining, logical and down to earth practical way of explaining Ayurveda …thank you:-)

  45. sarah says:

    Thanks Dr Prasad. Nice to hear from you

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