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Nadya Andreeva

Building Trust in Your Belly

Nadya Andreeva

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  • How your trigger foods lose their power over you
  • Shift from ecosystem consumer to ecosystem collaborator
  • Travel tips for smooth digestion and elimination

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  1. Cate Stillman says:

    Thank you all for your thoughtful words. Much appreciated.

  2. Deborah says:

    The shared presence and life as experience shared through this conversation illuminated the unconscious patterns on my path of recovery .I used to discipline myself , but ca 1 year ago I said to myself -NO MORE! It’s well put by Nadya “Disciplining comes from the self-mistrust.We don’t trust ourselves that’s why we have to discipline ourselves.WILLPOWER is very unreliable.As soon as we try to put a boundary, your mind will find a way to break it. WHY I am not trusting myself? HOW can I start developing that trust.” ..Very appreciating πŸ™‚

    • Nadya Andreeva says:

      Deborah, thank you for sharing your deep insight. The journey from relying on willpower to relying on trust is an interesting one! I think it is a choice between respecting what is good for your body and mind and living in integrity with what your know vs following somebody else’s rules and cheating oneself occasionally. Complete integration of personal wisdom, thoughts, actions, dreams, and goals vs hoping that something will go unnoticed, that you can push through, or cheat the body. I hope your transition to trusting yourself happens smoothly one step at a time!

  3. Ayulight says:

    Thank You very much – enjoyed very much to listen to Your mindful thoughts.

  4. BRONWEN says:

    i love hearing both of sounds so simple to listen to.
    i would love to incorporate AYURVEDA INTO MY LIFE AND YOGA,but unsure where to start.i have incorporated some healthy elements into my diet..but need to do more and other things, as im trying to live differently,knowing that the cancer is trying to take over, but i wont let it… i need to get extra healthy and energetic

    • Mr. Gregg says:

      If you have been afflicted with any type of cancer, you MUST eliminate all sources of sugar intake. The number one food for cancer cells is sugar-in all forms. Sugar surrounds us in most foods that we are accustomed to. The elimination process may be difficult at times but not impossible. The rewards are plentiful………….Center your focus and you will succeed!

    • Nadya Andreeva says:

      Dear Bronwen,
      SO sorry to hear about the cancer. It is wonderful that you are actively looking into ayurveda, healthier eating, and yoga to support your body in the healing process. You can look into Amrit if you are going through chemotherapy
      Also working with a practitioner might be a safe way to go so you can work on creating a personalized diet and stress-reduction regimen that works for your body.
      Wishing you best of luck on your journey!

  5. Kathy Wrona says:

    Really enjoyed all that you both shared in this incredible interview, As always wonderful questions and insight Cate. Also really enjoyed Nadya’s take on nutrition and the importance of the why we are so dedicated to our practice and lifestyle knowing the benefits so greatly out weigh the effort. You both are so inspiring and so brilliant and beautiful inside and out. Thank you.

    • Nadya Andreeva says:

      Dear Kathy,

      Thank you for listening in and sharing your thoughts! Our daily practice is our foundation. If it is strong, we are stable, strong, grounded, and healthy. It takes commitment to yourself, to your dreams, and knowing that you can be your best self, serve others, and enjoy life the most when the body doesn’t get in the way. I do believe that filling your vessel to the point of it overflowing is a better alternative than try to force out the juice of a body that is depleted. All the best on your journey!

  6. John C Mills says:

    Very informative and most helpful. I really enjoyed this. Thank you Nadya

  7. Caroline Segalla says:

    Thanks for great discussion on trigger foods and learning to pay attention to what we eat. I was raised carnivore then gave up meat for ethical reasons but when I became pregnant I found myself craving turkey again. I wrestled with this and felt guilty for this desire. I ate the turkey and found that I felt satiated and almost like I was reawakening. I still have a bit of trouble eating Turkey but when I do I strive for eating turkey that was treated with respect during its life and up until the point of its death and I and my son always give thanks for this being’s sacrifice. Long rant but you touched on feelings I have over eating certain foods. Thanks again.

    • Nadya Andreeva says:

      Dear Caroline,

      It is a difficult topic and I am happy you brought this up! Sometimes guilt causes more harm than the food itself. I worked with women who felt guilty for craving oatmeal on a paleo diet, for craving heavier foods during winters, or for craving meat on a vegan diet. I think it is possible to love and respect animals and still use animal products. I have seen it personally in many tribal societies in Africa, Morocco, Madagascar. One of the important aspects of it includes using all parts of the animal and keeping animal products as a smaller part of the diet. Listen to your body and be aware of any judgements that come up against trusting your personal wisdom! Best of luck!

  8. Shalini says:

    Wonderful insightful interview that has inspired me to really reflect on discipline and boundaries in a much softer manner, to more deeply alignment with who I am. I feel like it invokes expansion. Beautiful. Thank you.

    • Nadya Andreeva says:

      Shalini, I love the words that you are using: expansion, inspiration, alignment! It is truly all about coming into alignment and being in integrity with ourselves, our wisdom gained through experience, and our deep desires. As women, we do need to allow more softness and ease in our approach to food, yoga, etc. If it comes from alignment vs externally set rules, it is much more likely to become a daily part of us.

  9. Claudia says:

    Nadya has such beautiful presence. Deep listening and thoughtfulness. Just beautiful. Thank you.

    • Nadya Andreeva says:

      Claudia, I am grateful that even through the screen you could feel our presence! Cate makes it easy to be fully present:) I am sure you felt it because you were fully present, as well! Blessings!

  10. Cheryl Sindell says:

    Excellent, deep, thoughtful and heartfelt conversation. Thanks!
    Cheryl Sindell, Nutritionist – Berkeley, CA.

  11. diana says:

    Thank you Nadya, you really are an example. beautiful talk, amazing presence that speaks louder then so many words that have been said already. impressive and insightful

  12. Susan S says:

    Thank you. One of the best talks so far. I think newcomers to Ayurveda could take away a lot from your session.
    Just purchased your book on Amazon!

    • Nadya Andreeva says:

      Susan, thank you so much for listening in and for getting the book. I really hope you find it helpful on your journey to better understanding your body!

  13. Julie says:

    Thanks so much Nadya and Cate. Simply and beautifully put. A good reminder about practicing mindful eating, and some great suggestions and advice that can go a long way on transforming our eating experience to be more natural and balanced vs being stuck in the analytical and negative emotional perspective. Time for reflection, in more ways than one.

  14. Ruby says:

    I loved all of Nadya Andreeva’s words and have listened twice already! What I found to be fascinating though was the way that Nadya held the space within their conversation – I’m ‘trying’ to absorb what she is doing!! Thank you.

    • Nadya Andreeva says:

      Hi Ruby,

      Thank you for your kind words! It is an interesting note about being present! I think it is so important when we are with another human! And also when we are with ourselves!

  15. Ilse Wenzel says:

    While listening to some of the interviews, especially today during Nadya Andreeva’s conversation there was continual interruption from commercials and made hearing speaker very difficult. It is the commercial “What’s in your wallet?”

  16. ruth says:

    Very helpul the conversation, I like the last part: eat & play together πŸ™‚ thanks!!

  17. Marjorie Bannish says:

    Thank you, Nadya, for showing how to be more sensitive to our physical and emotional needs while making every day choices (food, yoga asanas, etc.) that affect our wellbeing ! Ayurveda at its best !!!

    • Nadya Andreeva says:

      Hi Marjorie,
      Thank you for your reflection! I do believe that it is about combining external (books, articles, interviews) and internal wisdom. A good way to access internal wisdom is by paying attention and being mindful of our environment, body, sensations, and feelings. Thank you for being here!

  18. Krofter says:

    The medicine men of the Huichol tribe of Mexico train their apprentices without the use of words. The culture is imbued with an ancient sense of presence and finds that words often distract from that state. Hence, the apprentice learns by the physical act of imprinting the mind with plant habitats, harvesting and preparation techniques as well as uses.
    Sage information from such young gals.

    • Nadya Andreeva says:

      I love this! Thank you for sharing! I love the idea of teaching/learning by showing, helping to experience, being in the presence. It is a powerful practice, yet so uncomfortable for our logical mind. We do need more of it when learning about ayurveda, food, meditation, etc. Thank you for your wisdom!

  19. Karen Whynott says:

    again.. insightful.. thank you πŸ˜‰

  20. Basia Miller says:

    The Nadya Andreeva conversation is the best – thoughtful, useful, and insightful.

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