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Mary Jo Cravatta, DC

The Chakras + Your Cellular Memory Patterns

Mary Jo Cravatta, DC

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  • Discover your cellular memory pattern
  • Unravel your fundamental first chakra imbalances
  • The connection between chakras, koshas and elements

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  1. Angie says:

    So much great information! Loved it! Thank you! πŸ™‚

  2. Julie Szyba says:

    Dear Mary Jo ~ So very grateful for YOU! I continue to go back to our most recent conversation and being a canary in a coal mine. So very grateful to hear your words again and be reminded of the continual spiritual work that needs to be done a daily basis to work on our life lessons. My body speaks so clearly to me and I am grateful for the lessons it is helping me work through. Namaste /\ Julie

    • D says:

      My dear Julie, Your dedication to working on your Life Lesson is so touching. Your beautiful attitude allows you to grow and change to live life to the fullest. much love, MJo

  3. Pushpa Yerramilli says:

    Have been contemplating on studying Ayurveda for a while now. Happenstance came upon your offer for free lectures online. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and this information adds depth and width to human behavior and where their journey needs work! Thank you for the insights and giving me the reason to pursue the study of Ayurveda. Wonderful voices, insightful information and gentle lessons. Om!

    • Dr. MaryJo Cravatta says:

      Pushpa, I am so pleased that this perspective on the Chakras and Life Lessons will be beneficial to your work as a therapist. Let me know if you have any questions on how to learn more of our Shaktiveda Ayurveda philosophy. Namaste, MJo

  4. LauraRT says:

    Hello, this has been amazing and a great experience. I am working currently on the root and second chakras, in their opening and balance. Thank you Dr. for sharing. Namaste.

  5. Alex says:

    Does anyone have any book recommendations related to these subjects? I’d love to learn more!


    • Dr. MaryJo Cravatta says:

      Alex, I am so sorry to say that, at the moment, there is not a book available on all of this as this is my original work as taught to me by my Guru. Hopefully, the book will be done sometime in the near future. You may be interested in attending my 5 Day retreat called Awaken Within as I go into great detail including experiential exercises about all of this and more.

    • InspireVida says:

      Mary Jo used to be Chiropractor. If I’m not mistaken.
      Maybe dive into holistic chiropractic, chiropractic and chakras. Unwinding the belly….. Just a few ideas

  6. Cata Rojas says:

    Wonderful!!! I love all the explanation abut the connection between our chakras, emotions and organs. So interesting.

    Thank Dr. Jo Cravatta for sharing your knowledge!

  7. Linda says:

    Dr. Cravatta,

    Thank you so much for your very thorough, interesting and detailed presentation on the chakras. There is so much to learn and you provided a great deal of information in this overview. Slowly but surely I am making the connections to this beautiful practice of Ayurveda, Yoga, and making the connection between the mind, body and spirit. These types of summits provide opportunities for a true transformation. Thank You!


  8. Lorien Waldron - Wholesome Loving Goodness says:

    This was so so wonderful! I loved listening to every word of this talk and meeting Dr.Cravatta. I have been studying ayurveda for the last 10 years and had never heard of Dr. Cravatta. I am so passionate about the transformation inner element of our make up and path in life – I was actually in tears to be able to listen to this, and connect with someone who is combining Ayurvedic wisdom in such an specific energetic transformational way! πŸ™‚ Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! I’m so in love with these talks. πŸ™‚ xxx Namaste xxx

  9. Carol says:

    Wow! This was awesome and I had a huge aha moment and knew exactly what my life lesson is soon as she got to it! I also received a message about holding on to emotions that has been coming from other sources! Very interesting information. Thank you Mary Jo and Cate.

  10. Christine says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful talk. I really enjoyed it and it came at the exact time I was ready to hear it. I will be looking for more information. Thanks again. What a blessing.

  11. Melaney says:

    This was intense and worth my time ! Definitely respect knowledge imparted.
    Be blessed

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  12. Ana Philippson says:

    Any chance of reversing type 1 diabetes through Ayurveda methods?

    • Dr. MaryJo Cravatta says:

      Ana, through my years of practice, I have come to the understanding that anything is possible – as long as we are able to truly address the deeper, underlying imbalances and cellular memory. Could Type 1 Diabetes be cured? This depends on many different factors, but, yes, it is possible. It would take time and honest self awareness to unwind and heal. If not cured, at least the release of imbalances and some relief from symptoms. I have come to believe in miracles – miracles are manifest on a deeper level of the flow of Consciousness. Namaste, MJo

  13. Tracyann Thomas says:

    I absolutely loved this! Dr. Cravatta is so knowledgeable. She opened up a new way of looking at imbalances and made new connections for me. I’m intrigued and want to learn more about her practice and her work. Thank you so much for having her in the Summit!!

    • Dr. MaryJo Cravatta says:

      Tracyann, I will look forward to hearing from you so that we can assist you in learning more on this perspective of Chakras and Life Lessons. Namaste, -MJo

  14. Kyan says:

    It was not very clear to me the way Dr. Mary Jo presented the chakras & how it relates to our health…it was somewhat confusing info for me understand & apply to myself…
    She did not explain how we can apply & use this info to heal ourselves from our own health & emotional issues in our day to day every day life.

    • Dr. MaryJo Cravatta says:

      Kyan, there was so much information in my talk, you may benefit from listening to it again – many of my students find that the material goes in deeper when they hear it multiple times. And, there is just so much that can be said in one hour. You may find more answers to your questions on my website.

    • Winnie says:

      I was likewise confused. I will listen again, but really, I have no clue what this was about.

  15. jill Tedesco says:

    I really wanted to learn about Ayurveda however this summit is advanced it would have been nice to have one speaker on the first day briefly go over ayurveda in meaning and also this speaker didn’t go into detail about chakras before moving on to the kosha and it is not explained well if you have knowledge of this on some level it was probably very interesting but not for a beginner,

    • Katie says:

      Hi Jill! Thanks for the feedback. Sorry about that. I think you will find many of the other talks to be comprehensible to Ayurveda initiates. John Douillard (today), David Crow (Day 4), Rama Prashad (Day 7) to name a few. Please don’t give up!

    • Dr. MaryJo Cravatta says:

      Jill, I hope that you will greatly benefit from the other talks during the Summit. If you would like a nice, clear, short explanation of Ayurveda, you may want to visit my YouTube channel – Shaktiveda and watch my Basics of Ayurveda video. Namaste.

    • Elise says:

      I agree. I loved it, but I am wondering about the students and yoga teachers who know little about Ayurveda. Is it helpful to them?

    • Cate Stillman says:

      Also, as part of your registration videos are introductory videos to Ayurveda.

  16. Wendy says:

    I enjoyed this. Mary Jo, I am curious if you have a specific evaluation template or tool you use to determine the kosha the chakra is blocked?

  17. Mina says:

    Loved this!

  18. Suki says:

    Such great information! I want to learn more and hope to have a session or two with Mary Jo ASAP!

  19. Margit says:

    I was very much intrigued by the information given by Dr. Cravatta! Thank you so much for giving me the spark and this will definitely something I want to learn more about…
    I think Cate had to watch the time and did a good job in leading the interview…I was just so intrigued by what Dr. Cravatta was saying that I wanted for it to go on and on and on…. πŸ™‚

    • Dr. MaryJo Cravatta says:

      Margit, if you would like to take the information even further, you may want to join me in my Delve Into Ayurveda course. This 8 month long distance training just began – I would be very happy if you would like to be part of it. You can read more on my website under the Classes link / Shaktiveda Advanced Studies. Namaste.

    • Dr. MaryJo Cravatta says:

      Margit, my heart is smiling – I am very happy that you enjoyed my talk. Namaste.

  20. Rahima says:

    That was very helpful and educational. Thank you

  21. Ms. Cheryl says:

    Thanks Dr. Mary Jo for explaining the relationship between the elements, chakras and kosha layers. Although, this was advanced information — I understand it know!! Wonderful interview!! πŸ˜€

    • Dr. MaryJo Cravatta says:

      Ms. Cheryl, so happy that you found the material interesting and that you were able to understand it – once we have learned that the Chakras are related to the Five Elements, it allows us to have a clearer view of them – and this makes it easy to understand. Namaste.

  22. Tobey says:

    Interesting talk with lots of useful information. On an editing note: “naval” should be “navel” on the slides πŸ™‚

  23. Barbara says:

    A wealth of information and knowledge. Thank you.

  24. helene says:

    good intro to the concepts presented. she puts them in terms we know in this society, faith, God, etc. of course Truth is universal so we should be able to understand but sometimes teachers forget students are clueless when starting!
    TY, mary jo πŸ™‚

  25. Agnes says:

    Just heard the lecture with Mary Jo and Kate.
    Understanding the 5th chakra issues were very enlightening. Would love to know more on the 5th chakra issues andthe inbalances of the thyroid, how it relates to women, especially in menopause.

    • Dr. MaryJo Cravatta says:

      Agnes, Yes, understanding the relationship between the Throat Chakra, the thyroid, and peri / post menopause is very important. When it comes to hormonal balance, we also need to look at the Navel Chakra. To learn more, you may want to join Shaktiveda for our next mind/body group cleanse in January. As this topic is near and dear to me, I go into detail on how our cellular memory effects every aspect of our health and the liver and thyroid in particular. To be healthy, we need to have balance within our liver and thyroid as every bodily system and every cell is affected by these organs. You can read more about it on my website under my Clinic link.

  26. Sam says:

    Awesome talk. I learned so much! Thank you.

  27. lina livia says:

    just great!!!!!!!!!!! and is only the first day!!!!!!!!!!! GRATITUDE!!!

  28. Kassandra Alvarez says:

    Thank you so much this was very informative. I’ve been studying Ayurvedic Medicine for about a year in half. I appreciate it

  29. Poonam says:

    This information came to me I guess at the perfect time. This talk is extremely valuable to me. It is amazing how she links up all chakras and elements and doshas. I grew up following Ayurveda as an Indian but never knew the depth into which Ayurveda goes. I am grateful for this info
    Thanks again

    • Dr. MaryJo Cravatta says:

      Poonam, touches my heart that you find the information in my talk interesting and helpful. From reading your comment, I think that you would find the info in my Delve Into Ayurveda course very fascinating. This 8 month long distance course has great detail about each of the 15 Subdoshas – how they relate to the Five Elements, the Chakras, our Life Lessons, Times of Day, and so much more. It will assist you in connecting more of the dots with Ayurveda, Yoga, and our mental / emotional / physical,/spiritual well being. The course just began, so it would not take too much for you to catch up. You can read more about this course on my website under the Classes link. Namaste.

    • Dr. MaryJo Cravatta says:

      Namaste, Poonam, I am very touched that you have appreciated what I have shared. You may also find my Delve Into Ayurveda course to allow you to go even further in your understanding of all of this. It is an 8 month long distance training which began just a start time ago – would be easy for you to catch up if you would like to join us. You can read more on this on my website under the Classes link.

    • Dr. MaryJo Cravatta says:

      Poonam, so glad that this information was here for you when you needed it. Certainly my pleasure to have shared it with you. Namaste.

  30. Jeanette says:

    I found the conversation to be very interesting.

  31. Karen Whynott says:

    Awesome.. so much information.. loved it. Thank you. πŸ˜‰

  32. SchaOn says:

    Loved the talk. Lots of good information, though was hoping for just a touch more. Also, the moderator… while I liked that she helped keep things moving along… did not really care for most of the interjections as it felt like flow of information kind of got derailed for a bit.

    • Deanna says:

      I agree that I wish the guest speaker could just talk and that Cate would not take over the discussion.

    • Kristie says:

      Agreed. You were too kind. They were very awkward and more interruptions than interjections. Never did get to hear about liver assist recipe because of one interruption.

    • Kristie says:

      Agreed… Numerous interruptions were awkward and disrupted flow. Never did get to hear about the liver assist because of one interruption.

    • Ruby says:

      Every sentence of Dr. Cravatta was jam packed with info – fantastic. Some of what she said was so spot on..very, very interesting for a person grappling with such issues! I hadn’t heard her talk before – so thank you. But like others, I found just as I getting to understand something the train of thought was interrupted. Perhaps a gentler touch from the interviewer was needed?

  33. Linda says:

    Wonderful discussion! Thank you!

  34. Jana says:

    I got a lot out of this interview. The throat chakra is like a mirror of what is going on in the lower 4 chakras… This has made everything so much more clear. A very helpful tool:-)

  35. Melody rogers says:

    I have a talk on this very subject in 2 weeks and this short synopsis has really allowed clarity. Thank you!

  36. Shawna says:

    I am inspired by Mary Jo and Cate. I found this information to be very helpful and exactly what I needed to hear now. I will listen again. Many thanks.

  37. Li says:

    The video stopped at approx 9:30.

  38. Joyce Borst says:

    I’m glad to commentator keeps her on track!

    • Cate Stillman says:

      Thanks, Joyce.
      Many of you don’t know that Dr. Mary Jo and I have a few interviews under our belt. I wanted to make sure we got through the all 5 chakras in the amount of time. You can hear other great teachings on the yogahealer podcast. Just google Mary Jo and Yogahealer and they will pop right up.

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